This is an Open Data CO-OP, providing public information about mental health and wellbeing experiences, challenges, social determinants of mental health and wellbeing, social resilience and the impact of government policies in this topic area. Mainly this Data CO-OP includes information about mental health services across Australia’s rural and remote areas.


  • Improve awareness about mental health experiences, challenges and the accessibility of health and related services that meet population needs
  • Allocate data by spatial categories – with a major focus on remote, rural, outer and inner regional areas
  • Provide a collaboration platform for researchers, policymakers, health and related services to gain better insights into community met and unmet needs, and how to resolve gaps

Data Sources

  • Information about type and capacity of mental health services, aggregated at PHN level. 
  • Social Resilience (aggregated at LGA level)
  • Psychological stress (aggregated at LGA level)
  • Loneliness (aggregated at LGA level)
  • Family Violence (aggregated at LGA level)
  • Unemployment (aggregated at LGA level)
  • Social Fragmentation (Nasser Bagheri)