Data CO-OP

A new form of collaboration in which participants share their data and their data capabilities to create collective impact.


3 Components of Data CO-OP



Public and private datasets from participating organisations



Domain experts, community leaders, data custodians, researchers, and data scientists


Analytics Capability

Software and hardware required for storage, computation and data analytics

Data CO-OP Methodology


Data CO-OP Platform


Data Providers

To enable this infrastructure, we leverage the extensive existing public investment in data platforms such as Australian Data Archive (ADA) and Analysis and Policy Observatory (APO); government data sources such as the ABS, AIHW,,, and other open data sources.

Data Linkage

The project will transform currently disconnected open datasets into harmonised, connected and geospatially enabled linked data packages. These data packages will be aggregated from multiple underlying data sources, based on a connected graph of topics and subject taxonomies.

Open Data CO-OPs

A key advantage of the Data Co-Op Platform for Social Impact is generating social collective intelligence by bringing community sector organisations, policymakers and researchers together, utilising their data and know-how, for collective data-driven research and facilitating evidence-based policymaking.

Secure Data CO-OPs

Within the course of social science research, health and service provision, large amounts of diverse data are generated that are valuable for understanding social phenomena, and the interactions of variables that are associated with social outcomes. Much of these data are personal, sensitive, private or otherwise not suitable to be made publicly available. Aggregation or combining of data also needs to be handled in sensitive ways as de-identified data can combine to enable re-identification.



Amir Aryani

Head of Social Data Analytics Lab, Swinburne University of Technology


Jane Farmer

Director of Social Innovation Research Institute, Swinburne University of Technology


Luis Salvador-Carulla

Head of the Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University


Anthony McCosker

Deputy Director of the Social Innovation Research Institute, Swinburne University of Technology


Jose A. Salinas-Perez

Senior Lecturer, Universidad Loyola


Nasser Bagheri

Senior Research Fellow, The Australian National University


Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Founding Director, Social Marketing @ Griffith, Griffith University


Tom Verhelst

Program Director, Regional Innovation Data Lab, Griffith University


Jo Cavanagh

Chief Executive Officer, Family Life

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Head of Social Data Analytics (SoDA) Lab
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